A art/design business providing freelance animation, motion graphics, website creation, painting, illustration, t-shirt, tattoo, logo, and graphic design services for organizations, companies, athletic teams, and small businesses.



"Like any artist, my many influences including my hometown of Philadelphia, it's urban, suburban and inner-city environments, at-risk youth, graffiti, Saturday morning cartoons, newspaper and Marvel comics, Hip-Hop music, education, several historical artists' works, the thrills and ills of society, etc. are embraced in my work.  I take pride in the raw and biting messages of some of my creations, as these are times of needed honesty in America.  I feel blessed, fortunate, and responsible in using my talent to be able to create a lane to speak for a community and culture that needs expression and does not have many avenues to do so."


- David W. Cage